Logo Design

What You’ll Learn:

  • Become proficient in logo design, a valuable skill for designers and entrepreneurs alike.
  • Enhance your CV by adding logo designing to your skillset.
  • Master the fundamentals of UI and UX design, essential for creating impactful logos.
  • Build and test a full range of logo designs, from concept development to final execution.
  • Create compelling UX briefs and personas to guide your logo design process.
  • Utilize premade UI kits and quick wireframing techniques to streamline your workflow.
  • Access downloadable exercise files to practice and refine your logo design skills.
  • Develop a comprehensive logo project from inception to completion, gaining hands-on experience.
  • Learn to design logos for various applications, including websites, mobile apps, and branding materials.
  • Acquire effective communication skills to collaborate effectively with clients and fellow designers.

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Enrolled: 11 students
Lectures: 33
Level: Advanced